Is Love Everything?

Today my best friend just shared with me something I will also share with you guys but just before that I want to give my shout-out to my new followers am grateful,, God bless.

Relationships can be super tasking and it really get’s frustrating when you don’t know if you should hold on tight and fight, if it’s even worth fighting for and many other questions you could be asking yourselves

Love should be there that is MUST, but the question is does it hold all the water in the relationship? That’s why I’ll leave you guys with a link to an article that I think could be of help. I’d be happy to hear your response to it.



Shine Away!

No words could even express how I feel today. Today marks my humble beginning in this journey and I feel soo stoked to have this major landmark in my life. I have always felt the need to share my knowledge and I am excited to be in this platform.

So if you want to:

  • Learn how to become a better you
  • Find your dream career (how to start and become successful)
  • How to juggle your business and your relationships and make it work!
  • How to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams!

…among many more,,,then you have  found the right place to be!!!

Many of you may not know where to start to make ends meet. Maybe even feel like your life is becoming toxic within your relationship or simllarly problems related to business, life or relationships. Well I want to be your personal guide through it all. It’s not like I am “perfect” oh hell no!!!

I just want to let you know that I can relate with all that and would love to provide you with the information I wish I had years ago that I wish I had to hack through my troubles.


Don’t allow yourself to just exist, join me today  and you will get access to numerous information that will help you grow be it in your business or relationship or as a person. LET’S SHINE AWAY TOGETHER!!